Ramos Upholstery has been innovating and offering high-quality custom stitch work since 1994. Our family owned business has been studying for decades the way that different companies build their frames, and how we can design harmonic, top of the line upholstery that fits in their structure and brings class and style to their business.

All of our products are built to order, and we use only premium materials, which guarantees that your product will last longer, and it’s 100% customizable. Don’t waste your investment on bad quality upholstery and an improper installation, make sure to talk to us and work with the best!

Successful upholstery solutions

It is inevitable that even the finest and most resistant furniture wears through time. Every business or homeowner realizes at a certain moment that it is time to invest in their furniture and custom stitch work. Top of the line upholstery can improve and bring back the elegance of any furniture or piece. However, there are vital elements to consider before getting the job done.

Before beginning a partial or complete restoration of your custom stitch work you should:

First, go over your piece or furniture and carefully examine it. This evaluation will help you determine the kind of restoration service required.

Once you have determined the issue, you can go over the different materials and fabric you can use for your custom stitch work project, but not before you have determined the use and conditions your custom stitch work will be exposed to.

Consider if it is going to be placed for indoor or outdoor purposes. Think of the weather conditions it could be facing or if it will be hit by direct sunlight

A professional custom stitch work company can help with these and other important considerations that will determine the success of your custom stitch work project. Ramos Upholstery can provide experience, talent, the finest materials and the best tools to make your custom stitch work project a success. Learn more here

With high-quality control standards and a group of talented professionals, Ramos Upholstery has the goal of becoming the best upholstery manufacturer company in the United States.

From meeting with our clients and creating the design to the delivery and installation process, we are very careful with all the details to make sure nothing is missing and exceed their expectations. We always provide excellent customer service, based on honesty and respect. Browse our website to learn more about our custom stitch work in {location}, and request today your free quote.