Rioja Lounge Denver
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Now hiring for a receptionist position. Please email for more details.
Rioja Lounge Denver
Commercial & Restaurant Upholstery
Our standard upholstery services include everything from restaurant booth, chair and stool reupholstery services to custom booth and bench designs.
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Commercial Upholstery Manufacture Services
All upholstery products, including Custom Booth Designs and Lobby Benches, are built to order.
Home Furnishings
We offer custom furniture and booth designs for the occasional want of something new to enrich your space or to fit inside the awkward areas of the house.
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Standard Restaurant Booths
Whether you need a custom booth design, repair or re-cover services for your old booths, our skilled craftsmen are fast and  professional.
furniture repair
Furniture Repair
With numerous upholstery repairs over the years and attention to detail, our craftsmen will turn any old piece into a great new one.
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Phillip Ramos Upholstery Inc. – Family Owned & Operated – Since 1994

We are a family of skilled craftsmen, who over 20 years of sweat, blood, and tears have built this upholstery company from the ground up. We have done everything from basic upholstery re-cover, custom fit restaurant booths, residential furniture repair, and one of a kind sofa sectional designs.


Get a quote for your project, whether it’s a commercial build, home furnishings or a custom piece that you had in mind.

Now Hiring for Upholstery Technicians! Please call 303-329-6482 for more info on how to apply.