Restaurant Booth Re-cover Service

Our standard restaurant upholstery services generally requires a crew to set up on location. We are pretty flexible to work around the restaurant hours of operation. The crew sets up drop a cloth with mobile equipment including an air compressor and staple guns. These pieces of equipment can be noisy, by time of completed work the crew will leave the work site and clean up all messes. Our crew is mindful of the time window before opening.

For restaurants that operate 24 hours a day, we must operate during the slow time of the day for onsite work. If Client has a request of not making noise or messes to clean up, we will provide temporary seating depending on the extent of work, in which the work will be completed at our upholstery shop.

Rioja Lounge restaurant
custom green chairs 2
light green leather booth
new green restaurant booths
new light blue restaurant booths
new light blue booths

Commercial Upholstery Services Provided

  • Restaurant booth re-covers (seat cushion covers and backrest covers)
  • Chair pad re-covers
  • Chair pad replacement
  • Bar Stool re-covers
  • Booth frame repairs
  • Foam pad replacements for booth cushions and chair pads

Commercial Upholstery Manufacture Services Provided

All upholstery products are built to order.

  • Custom Booth Designs and Assistance
  • Standard Booth Sizes
  • Lobby Benches


Clients who submit a request for modifying existing restaurant booths, all aspects of this service is charged by the hour and materials used. Modifications can generally include cutting down length, height, and retro-fitting. In most cases we will not be able to reuse vinyl or cloth.

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