Ramos Upholstery was founded in 1994 by our dad Phillip Ramos. Our dad took some upholstery classes in high school, and found it to be a cool hobby which ultimately became his trade. Our dad was a line cook at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers before he had the idea of starting his own upholstery company. He began his upholstery ventures operating from the basement of our house, just doing basic upholstery for Red Robin.

After a few years of knocking on kitchen doors, and referrals, the business was outgrowing the basement so he rented out a small warehouse. Now operating out of a warehouse we toyed with the idea of designing and building our own restaurant booth frames. After years of studying how other companies built their frames we arrived to our own top notch design that is hands down the most practical and most versatile framing designs manufactured in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

Ramos Upholstery remains to this day family owned and operated. With high quality control standards, each team member has acquired their own set of skills that make this venture possible. Our goal is to be the best upholstery manufacture and service company in the United States.